Style and Build


style and build

The Design of Crimson Hair Studio


style and design

When Jen Eberwein first opened Crimson Hair Studio, she knew that the design and location of her beauty salon was extremely important to the success of her business.  By adding an extremely talented staff and amazing products into the equation, Jen was able to not only build, but expand her business!  The original location, on 16th Street, between Pine & Spruce, was the perfect start to build Crimson, but all the stylist’s expertise gave Crimson a growth spurt; the team soon outgrew their space.

style and design





Jen understood the demands of her clientele and was inspired by the cutting edge beauty techniques and products that she was able to offer; she was ready for bigger and better!  After looking at numerous spaces, she found the right location in posh, bustling Rittenhouse Squ
are.  The classic motif of “Movin on Up refers to the few blocks that allowed the business to jump zip codes, as well as the second floor loft space; very few city storefront locations offer the extended space that Crimson’s studio feature.


style and design

Located on the 1700 block of Sansom (between 17 & 18, Walnut & Chestnut), Crimson Hair Studio’s door is marked with their custom wood sign, above the dial up box; dial 001 and you will be buzzed up.  Crimson’s sign is characteristic of the reclaimed wood wall claddings that bring a naturalistic element to the industrial loft.

“The new location is sensational; there is so much vibrant energy in the areas surrounding Rittenhouse Square,” says Jen. “The salon’s space feels very “Philly” with it’s exposed brick walls and loft style.”

style and design





Wood and metal, brick, marble and glass set the perfect tone for your style experience. Crimson’s elemental aesthetic was designed with the inspiration of Anna and her team at Busybee Design. Natural light, as well as modernistic chandeliers that resemble rough cut jewels set a glowing tone. The reception area welcomes you with red reclaimed tin letters announcing “CRIMSON “ and a riveted metal desk.


Jen was especially interested in featuring a client seating area in the loft. “The large, light space is so great for bridal clients and their wedding parties; it’s important that there be a special spot to host the group’s needs.”   The seating area features a long wooden table with seasonal tablescapes. Leather and wood stools and benches encircle the table and create ample seating arrangements.  style and designCrimson encourages all clients to use the space and offers light beverage and snack service to all their clients, as well as the opportunity to have lunch catered if hosting a party.   Feel free to bring in a bottle of champagne for wedding morning mimosas or birthday salon day!

style and design





Adam Made It, a local wood craftsman, clad accent walls in reused pallet planks, as well as built a wooden wall installation for the retail shelving from reclaimed barn wood.

“At least two strangers a day comment on my love for the color red,” said the Jen, whose hair is (usually) red. “I had to have red heavy metal be one of the focal points of Crimson,” says Jen of her decision to use bright red, high- lacquer tool chests for the stylist’s stations. “The industrial pieces create an impact of color, professionalism and the classic beauty of excellent craftsmanship… Crimson’s stylists work as a team to learn from each other; our fun vibe is the best design element.”

style and designCrimson Hair Studio designed and built the space to express your personal, beautiful style.

style and design







style and build

style and design

style and designstyle and design


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